21 juli 2013

My Mixes

On this page you can find a few of my mixes, and a link to the full list of mixes I made public. The tracklists are included (just click the title) so if you hear any single track you like, you can easily find it for yourself. Enjoy!

Giving Back
[mixcloud height=”70″ width=”600″]http://www.mixcloud.com/alexanderje/giving-back/[/mixcloud]
Living The Dream
[mixcloud height=”70″ width=”600″]http://www.mixcloud.com/alexanderje/living-the-dream/[/mixcloud]
[mixcloud height=”70″ width=”600″]http://www.mixcloud.com/alexanderje/drumstel/[/mixcloud]

For the full list, Click Here.


Popular mixes:

These mixes contain a lot of Electro, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Trap, etc. While I’m usually less inclined towards these genres, if I have a bunch of tracks I really like I’ll definitely mix it together. I always love the response to the energy in these mixes, even those who aren’t into EDM tend to enjoy it! So I hope you will too.

Dirty Douchebags
[mixcloud height=”70″ width=”600″]http://www.mixcloud.com/alexanderje/hibbuz/[/mixcloud]


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