2 september 2013

About Me

Hi there,

profiel anders 2

I’m Alexander. Quick musical related bio: I started out listening to Happy Hardcore and other crap when I was 12 or 13 (hey, we all start somewhere). Then, good ol’ Tiësto and Armin van Buuren got me into Trance in the 2004/2005 era. This slowly got me interested in DJ-ing and making my own tracks. At some point I felt that wasn’t my kind of music anymore, and I encountered the more underground House and Techno scene. By 2010 I had completely lost all interest for new Trance music and was all about this new scene.

You’ll find me playing anything between very deep Deep House and the most solid pieces of Industrial Techno. All that change makes it a bit hard to solicit for gigs since I don’t have a very clear style to promote, but it does give me the opportunity to explore a broad range
of music and keep my sets diverse.

I’ve used Ableton and Traktor for my sets, but I figured out I’m not a big fan of having a screen in front of my face while mixing. Might change though, it does offer a lot of opportunity for versatility. I currently play my sets at home from my CDJ-400’s and DJM-400, using USB-sticks so I can play my own edits and have a broad selection of music to use. But I’ll be honest, if you so happen to have a spare CDJ-2000 set lying around I’d be happy to take that off your hands for you *wink wink*.

If you like my sets and would like to have me DJ at some fancy party, I’ve done some parties and other events and I love playing for a crowd. So do contact me, at music@alexbravo.nl.


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