Update update update!!!

So my latest message here was over a year ago… Bad Alex, bad bad Alex!

So, what happened: I finished my Masters, moved to the Randstad, and am now working on getting gigs in good ol’ Amsterdam. I also made a BUNCH of mixes which I’ll link below.

Also very exciting: I made a track! I’m now looking for the options for releasing it and seeing if I’m going to do that myself or give the rights to a label, etc.

So yeah! I’ll keep you updated (I promise), I’m going to update the site a bit (remove some unnecessary crap) and obviously more music is coming!

The mixes:

So what we have here is the 2014 Yearmix (HIGHLY recommended, very cool mix) and the 2 last “Home is where the house is” mixes! I hope you’ll enjoy them as always, and we’ll talk soon.


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