Subsonic live set


I thought it was time for another update. You see, on the 29th of January, I played at a local club called Subsonic, for my friends at Tetten, Techno & Trompetten. After some hassle, I got that mix recorded and put it on SoundCloud!
So that was nice… But then I sent the link to my mix to a popular Dutch blog “GeenStijl” and it got featured in one of their “VrijMiBo“-posts (careful, includes NSFW picture), which is the post they make on the Friday afternoon to celebrate weekend full of interesting stuff, pictures of ladies and… great music, yeah.
That got me 1400+ listeners!! Amazing! So that all worked out perfectly. Now, without furder ado, the mix… Tracklist is included on the SC-page. Enjoy!




(If the amount of links in that VrijMiBo-post is confusing, click here to see which one it is)